The TechBridge Portfolio

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

TechBridge's Jeff McAulay presents Retroficiency with their U-Launch Award. Image courtesy of Cleantech Open/Lindsay Davis

Meet Our Awardees and Clients

Since 2010, TechBridge has supported innovative clean energy start-ups by connecting them to the resources and partners needed to help them succeed. The TechBridge portfolio encompasses a wide variety of companies in areas ranging from water treatment to energy monitoring. 


Technical Services

Through its connection with the Fraunhofer Society's worldwide research network, TechBridge is able to work with start-ups to test out, demonstrate, and refine their technologies and products.


Company  Description  Solicitation / Award Year
Retroficiency On-demand Building Efficiency Intelligence (BEI) software platform 2012 Utility Technology Challenge 2012 
Simple Energy Facilitating customer engagement with utilities 2012 Utility Technology Challenge 2012
WegoWise Tool to monitor, benchmark water/energy use in buildings 2012 Utility Technology Challenge 2012
NBD Nanotechnologies Sustainable, low-energy water source alternatives in arid climates U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
Coincident Low-cost hardware/software solutions for collecting household energy consumption data U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Cambrian Innovation Bio-electrochemical Systems (BES), also known as microbial fuel cells Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) Grant 2012 
Radiator Labs Energy-efficient radiator enclosures Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) Grant 2012 
Arctic Sand Power converter chips to reduce electricity costs for data centers U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2011
ByteLight Digital data communications through general-purpose lighting U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2011
Qado Energy Next generation distribution grid analytics platforms for electric utilities and regulators U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2011
Ubiquitous Energy Solar technologies to enable deployment in everyday products and surfaces  U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2011
First Fuel Software Zero-touch building audits algorithm U-Launch 2011
N12 Technologies  Advanced hybrid composite company U-Launch 2011 
Subitec Photobioreactors for growing algae feedstock Fraunhofer Venture 2011

Greasoline Fuel made from recycled oil waste Fraunhofer Venture 2010 


Executive-in-Residence Services

TechBridge works with a network of partners to provide start-ups with access to experienced executive talent capable of taking early-stage companies to the next level. 


Company  Description  Solicitation / Award Year
Dynamo Micropower Low-cost, fuel-flexible micro-turbine for distributed generation U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2011
Keystone Tower Systems Automated process for on-site fabrication of base supports for land-based wind turbines U-Launch / Cleantech Open Northeast 2011


Incubation Services

TechBridge offers incubation awards in collaboration with the Association of Cleantech Incubators of New England (ACTIONetwork).  



Company  Description  Solicitation / Award Year
Advanced Products Company Renewable composite materials Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
BRASH Air-steam hybrid engines for residential and small commercial facilities Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
Callida Energy Software to predict and manage commercial building energy usage Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
Cerahelix Ceramic filtration products for the industrial separations market Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
Cleansoft Software for implementing On-Bill Financing and Virtual Net-Metering for utility customers Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
DIVYA ENERGY Online marketplace for solar panel installation Cleantech Open Northeast 2012
Energy Compression Adsorption-enhanced compressed air energy storage Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Energy Intelligence Harvesting energy from vehicles via electro-mechanical devices embedded in road surfaces Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

FXQ Engineering Group Innovative electric motor technology Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Hydrorecovery In-building hydroelectricity systems Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Jubilee Flooring Innovative methods for drying and straightening timber for flooring applications Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Pelletco Heat from solid biomass fuel Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Pika Energy Wind turbines for homeowners and small businesses Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Power Ally Online electricity brokering service Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

RenAir Using UAVs to survey wind patterns for wind farms Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

SolidEnergy Rechargeable batteries with improved safety and energy density Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

SynAirCo Ultra-efficient air conditioners Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Vecarius Advanced power / thermal management products to capture and convert waste heat energy Cleantech Open Northeast 2012

Altaeros Energies Airborne wind turbines U-Launch 2011
Logicoul Battery management systems U-Launch 2011 
Machflow Bernouli cooling system U-Launch 2011
Thermeleon Thermally responsive roofing materials U-Launch 2011